About Us

The heart of America beats strong and proud in Kansas City. We feel it every day, on every project. We’re driven by it, with every phase — from scouting new sites to develop, to putting the finishing touches on new places for Kansas Citians to call home. We build for life, considering every aspect of the impact our work will have on a community for generations to come. When we have a vision for reviving a neighborhood, there’s no stopping us.

We’re Pulse Development and Management Group, and we’re elevating Kansas City.


Pulse uses a vertically integrated organizational model. We stress efficient and effective reporting, which leads to better decision making, earlier anticipation of opportunities and speedier problem resolution. We have worked together since 1999 in joint ownership of multiple properties. Together, we have honed our individual skills to become a finely tuned management team.


Drew brings more than twenty years of experience in the visionary design for each property. In addition to contract negotiation, financing and project management, Drew is adept at locating each potential deal and analyzing the proposed project for procurement of financing.


Adam brings more than twenty years of experience in construction services ranging from demolition, plumbing, electrical and floor plans through completion of the project. Adam specializes in negotiating service contracts and commercial leases.


Carlos brings more than fifteen years’ experience to the team, providing the horsepower through his construction company. He manages over one hundred employees with loyalty and efficient leadership to complete jobs on schedule.


We are unafraid to do what’s never been done, setting new precedents for others to follow.