Plaza / Midtown

Throughout the years, Westport has adapted and changed with the times. What has never changed is her fiercely independent spirit.

Westport holds to an unspoken but understood alliance to remain true to her nature, to refuse to blend in and safely accommodate fleeting trends and plastic scenes that soon fade and pass.

Westport is not a corporate blueprint that has been laid out for calculated demographics and market share. Westport is a real community, built and supported from and by friends. The culture and energy is bolstered by restaurant, shop and bar owners enjoying one another’s company and establishments. You have no choice but to jump in and experience the laughter and camaraderie. You may enter Westport a stranger, but you will definitely leave a friend.

We at Pulse are proud to call Westport our home. We are established in the heart of Westport, and we own and manage some of the prime spots throughout. We see our mission to help Westport continue to thrive as that special place she always has been: the original frontier for the adventurous and free spirited of Kansas City. A place you can call home, call your local, call your friend.

We will stay true to our mission. Look for exciting projects coming soon that will reflect Westport’s adventurous spirit and help elevate Kansas City.


We strive to attain greater heights and superior standards for the communities where we build.